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Welcome to the world, little chimp! ADORABLE BABY NEWS! There’s a baby boom at Monarto Zoo, with keepers celebrating the safe arrival of another baby chimpanzee! Watch here as mum gently kisses her baby, as the little one’s older sister Zuri watches on. Third-time mum Zombi gave birth to the healthy baby girl on Sunday night, marking the second chimp born at the zoo this year. Zombi has plenty of experience with little chimps, already being a superstar mum to seven-year-old Zuri and four-year-old Enzi. Zuri and Enzi are very curious of their new sibling, and have been seen gently touching and even pressing their lips to the little one’s head. The arrival of the newborn girl marks an important milestone in chimpanzee conservation. To have another baby chimp is not only incredibly exciting for Monarto Zoo, but it’s also a vital achievement for chimp conservation and the wider Australasian breeding program As a conservation charity, Zoos SA works to help save chimps from extinction through involvement in international breeding programs and by supporting Tacugama Chimpanzee Sanctuary. Monarto Zooさんの投稿 2019年9月10日火曜日